California native Taylor Covington brought her passion for design to life when she relocated to Cape Town, South Africa in 2010. Inspired by nature, travel, and cultural dress, Taylor is constantly feeding on her surroundings and transforming her ideas into wearable designs. She feels privileged to be living in Cape Town and credits the raw, untamed beauty to her vision behind the brand.

Locally produced

In order to stimulate job creation in South Africa, Taylor Covington only supports local manufacturers. All the products listed on this site are hand crafted in Cape Town using leather, springbok and hardware sourced from local suppliers.

As a proudly South African business, it is our moral responsibility to employ skilled workers within the community and aid our country’s economic growth.
— Taylor Covington

Environmentally friendly

Taylor Covington is 100% environmentally friendly and only supports tanneries that are government approved.  Due to the overabundance of springbok in South Africa, organised culling is scheduled each year to prevent overpopulation and to preserve the natural vegetation for various African species, including their own.  Additionally, such culling provides a healthy, affordable and available source of protein to the African people.